Sunday, 2 September 2012

The best places to promote articles and blogs.

If you are like me, earning money online can sometimes be very time consuming and no matter how many articles you write, you're earnings don't seem to move much. Or at least that's how it was before I learned the art of promotion.
Earning money online is quite difficult and the best tip I can give you is to research the ways that other people do it.
If you Google something, there is almost always useful tips on how to earn more money online, places to promote websites, blogs and articles. Even if each article you read about article promotion only gives you one useful tip, it's one more than you had before. Combined all that you learn, make notes if it helps, and before you know it you will be making a nice little income from you online ventures.

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My Squidoo Earnings. August Pay Day.

My Squidoo Earnings. Paid in August, Earned in June.
I love Squidoo, and if any of you haven't tried it, or not sure what it's all about, I suggest you take a look as for me, it one of my best online earnings.  Not only do I earn from Squidoo itself, but from Amazon, and eBay sales, and I could also earn revenue from selling Zazzles products as well as other affiliate products.
For those of you who know about Squidoo, you may know that it is a little different to sites such as Expertscolumn and Triond, for a few reasons.

One of those reasons is that they pay you 2 months behind. This is due to sales from Amazon and eBay and because of any returns that may happen from customers who purchased items from your lenses.
So for example, your March earnings, won't be paid until May. Usually it's between the 10th and 15th of the month, but the 15th is the date that Squidoo say they will pay you by.

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My Zujava earnings to date

I have no problem sharing most of my online earnings with us, as it shows that it is possible to earn money online
Zujava is an online content site, not unlike Squidoo, but is relatively new.  Less than a year old in fact, but Zujava has already received a lot of positive feedback and is earning people money.

You earn money on Zujava in various ways, including through Amazon sales and having a high tier page. This basically means that the high your page is rated on Zujava, the more money you are likely to earn.
Zujava also currently has an eBay module that you can add to your page, and is hoping to monetise that in the near future, so that contributors can earn extra there if they make eBay sales through their pages. 

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Expertscolumn earnings for August.

Earning money online isn't particularly easy unless you know what you're doing. But as with most things, the more you learn and the more effort you put in, the more you get out of it and will earn.

Expertscolumn is quickly becoming one of my favourite online earning places, and although the site needs a few improvements such as allowing contributors to add pictures to their articles, amongst other things, it is a pretty damn good site.  I haven't yet had any problems in terms of receiving payment.  read more...  My Expertscolumn payments and earnings for August 2012.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Triond Earnings July 2012

Here are some screen-shots of my Triond earnings from July 2012.  I will post updates regularly as well as earnings from other online sites.

You can see my up to date earnings here. My Daily Triond Earnings. July 2012