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How do you earn money on the internet? Triond.

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How do you earn money on the Internet? :  Triond.

Triond has been my main source of income for the last two years. Triond is basically a content hosting site which some may also refer to as a content farm. Either way, I have earned a nice little sum of money on it, so people can call it whatever they like. If you know how to make the doe, then who cares? Right?  

Some would complain that I suggest that it's all about making money and that a site like Triond should be for people who can write and produce good content, but the honest truth is, if you join Triond, you will soon see that there is a lot of rubbish articles and content on there. This doesn't particularly bother me as such, because I have learned a lot about content promotion from fellow friends on Triond.  If you want to join a site that is picky about it's content, try a site like Factoidz or similar. More of which I will go into in a later blog post. 

What is Triond?

Triond is a content hosting site, that you can publish on, and is a lot like blogging in some respects. You can publish articles, stories, poetry, pictures and videos on Triond. All of which you can earn revenue from.

Can I integrate Google AdSense on Triond?

Yes, you can. After you have published five articles, you will have the option of integrating google AdSense on your content. This is separate to the revenue you can earn from Triond as they display ads from sites such as Chikita and infolinks.

How much can I earn on Triond?

This depends on how much traffic you can bring to your articles. Triond are strict about the use of using traffic farms and similar type things, so be warned, this is not a good way of generating traffic to your article.
 You will be banned. 
How much you earn will depend on the number of views you receive to your content. Some types of content earn more than others. For example poetry will earn very little for you, unless you are exceptional and are getting millions of views. Photos will also earn next to nothing, but again, if you can create a high flow of traffic to your pictures, it will amount to some earnings. The better thing to do with pictures, is to add them to articles and write a little about each picture.
Articles that earn a high amount of revenue are those on the Triond sub sites such as Healthmad and Gomestic. On these you may earn 1cents for every 3 -5 views.
Another factor which can effect how much you earn is how SEO friendly your articles are.

When will I get paid on Triond

Triond pay out on the 10th of every month providing you have earned the minimum payout of $0.50 if you choose to be paid by Paypal, or $50.00 if you choose to be paid by cheque or Western Union.

Proof of earnings from Triond

Can I refer people to Triond and earn extra?  

Yes, you can. After you have published 5 articles and recieved your first payout, you will notice a referral code on your dashboard. Use this to refer friends and family. You will earn 10% of your referrals earnings, and this will not be taken from their earnings, so your referral doesn't need to worry about earning less.

How do I join Triond? 

Simple... it only takes 2 minutes and you're in. You will have to verify your email address, but other than that it's a simple setup. Be warned though. Do not copy other peoples work and post it as your own. You will get caught and you will be banned. Just write about things you know. Like your favourite band, or favourite song.

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Any questions... please ask in the comment box below.

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