Thursday, 30 June 2011

My Online earnings

My Online earnings

I have been earning money online for a little over two years now. Along the way I have learned lots of tips and tricks and joined various sites to earn money from.
This lense is for me to share my successes, failures, proof of earnings and tips.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How do you earn money on the internet? : Webanswers. Starting up. is an adsense revenue sharing site. As suggested in its title it is a site where users can ask and answer questions.
Adsense is shared between all participants in the questioning and answering, unless someone is awarded an answer, in which case that participant will be awarded a percentage of the ads on that particular page.

I actually signed up for this site a while ago, but forgot about it. However after having some positive feedback from a friend, I decided it was worth giving another go, especially if it adds to my overall adsense earnings.
So I will be giving monthly feedback on this site with my earnings and I'm hoping to do a video about it somewhere in the near future with a friend of mine so we can go over all the ins and outs of Webanswers.

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Monday, 20 June 2011

How do you earn money on the Internet? : Google Adsense and a list of adsense revenue sharing sites.

Image representing Google AdSense  as depicted...Image via CrunchBaseGoogle Adsense is one of the best and most common ways of making money online. Whether you are integrating ads in your blog, website or other online avenue, adsense is a great way of making money, if you know how.

So far I would estimate I have made around £500 with Google adsense, and that was before I was invited to share Adsense on some of my youtube videos.

How do you earn money on the internet? : Redgage

Redgage: earn money and use it as a backlink for your articles

I've been a member of Redgage for approx 2 years now and have found it nothing but useful.
As well as uploading links to your own articles, you can also upload pictures or write your own little blogs there too. Everything you upload there will earn you money. The only downside is that this can only be withdrawn using one method, and that's by earning enough money ($25) on the site and they will send you out a Redgage card.  I received mine a while ago and did purchase a few things on it, so I can confirm it is legitimate. However it isn't the most convenient of ways to receive the money.
Apart from that and the odd time when Redgage is a little slow to load, all in all it is a very useful website to use.
Redgage has a very welcoming community and it is easy to make 'friends' there.  I suggest that if you do join, you participate in the community, which simply entails commenting on each others work. A lot of Trionders do that anyway.

Read more:   Redgage: Earn Money and Use It as a Backlink for Your Articles
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How do you earn money on the Internet? : Experts column

Experts Column was introduced to me recently, and having spent only an hour or so on the site, so far I am fairly impressed.
It also seems that there are quite a few well known writers from Triond, also over at Experts Column.
I have done a fair bit of research into the site, and so far it seems legit and also very easy to use and navigate around.
As far as I can tell, you can also re-publish work from Triond over at Experts Column, on the basis that you use the same username over there too.

How Google Adsense for Content Host and Adsense for Youtube Partners Works

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I recently was accepted to share in adsense on a couple of my you tube videos, which I was pretty excited about, after all, it's another stream of income, whether it be pennies or pounds I make, it all adds to the final amount.

So when I accepted the invite from Youtube to place adsense on my content, it took less than a day for the ads to show up. One on the right hand-side in a block square, and another on the video itself at the bottom. Within a day or two, I noticed on my adsense reports that adsense for content hosts had been added to my list of places I was earning from... you know Adsense for feeds, adsense for content etc. This was an adsense for content host, not the same as adsense for content.
So I figured that that was my youtube earnings. As far as I was aware at that point, having previously read up on Youtube adsense earnings, it takes 60 days for youtube earnings to be finalised and paid out, which is longer than the usual 30 days you get with Adsense for content.

How do you earn money on the internet? Triond.

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How do you earn money on the Internet? :  Triond.

Triond has been my main source of income for the last two years. Triond is basically a content hosting site which some may also refer to as a content farm. Either way, I have earned a nice little sum of money on it, so people can call it whatever they like. If you know how to make the doe, then who cares? Right?  

Some would complain that I suggest that it's all about making money and that a site like Triond should be for people who can write and produce good content, but the honest truth is, if you join Triond, you will soon see that there is a lot of rubbish articles and content on there. This doesn't particularly bother me as such, because I have learned a lot about content promotion from fellow friends on Triond.  If you want to join a site that is picky about it's content, try a site like Factoidz or similar. More of which I will go into in a later blog post. 

What is Triond?

Triond is a content hosting site, that you can publish on, and is a lot like blogging in some respects. You can publish articles, stories, poetry, pictures and videos on Triond. All of which you can earn revenue from.

First blog post and an introduction. Earning money on the internet is easy if you know how.

So, I'm not a big talker as such, in fact I'm pretty shy, so I'll keep this part brief.
I'm Pablina, also known as Pabs and I've been earning money online now for a little over 2 years. Of course it has taken time to start earning a decent amount, but I haven't quite yet reached a figure in which I can happily live off. However I do know some of the best ways and places to earn money, which I am going to share with you.