Monday, 20 June 2011

How do you earn money on the internet? : Redgage

Redgage: earn money and use it as a backlink for your articles

I've been a member of Redgage for approx 2 years now and have found it nothing but useful.
As well as uploading links to your own articles, you can also upload pictures or write your own little blogs there too. Everything you upload there will earn you money. The only downside is that this can only be withdrawn using one method, and that's by earning enough money ($25) on the site and they will send you out a Redgage card.  I received mine a while ago and did purchase a few things on it, so I can confirm it is legitimate. However it isn't the most convenient of ways to receive the money.
Apart from that and the odd time when Redgage is a little slow to load, all in all it is a very useful website to use.
Redgage has a very welcoming community and it is easy to make 'friends' there.  I suggest that if you do join, you participate in the community, which simply entails commenting on each others work. A lot of Trionders do that anyway.

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