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How Google Adsense for Content Host and Adsense for Youtube Partners Works

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I recently was accepted to share in adsense on a couple of my you tube videos, which I was pretty excited about, after all, it's another stream of income, whether it be pennies or pounds I make, it all adds to the final amount.

So when I accepted the invite from Youtube to place adsense on my content, it took less than a day for the ads to show up. One on the right hand-side in a block square, and another on the video itself at the bottom. Within a day or two, I noticed on my adsense reports that adsense for content hosts had been added to my list of places I was earning from... you know Adsense for feeds, adsense for content etc. This was an adsense for content host, not the same as adsense for content.
So I figured that that was my youtube earnings. As far as I was aware at that point, having previously read up on Youtube adsense earnings, it takes 60 days for youtube earnings to be finalised and paid out, which is longer than the usual 30 days you get with Adsense for content.

However I noticed that not only did I have this new section titled adsense for content host, I also had a new section which is titled Youtube. So I was a little confused.
Therefore I decided to look further into this, and found that the the youtube section is for Youtube/adsense partners only. These are those channels that have thousands of views and subscribers etc who have the ability to include adsense on all their youtube videos as soon as they upload.
What I had been invited to was to host adsense on individual videos only, so I didn't have all the benefits of a youtube partner, but was still able to to have adsense on those videos where Youtube had invited me to do so. One of the videos only had a mere 250 views, so it isn't like they are looking for someone who has had a video go viral.

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